Facilitator: Dave Auckly

Session Title: Triangle Groups

ABSTRACT - There are many cool things one can do with triangles, ranging from mathematically-inspired artistic constructions, to surprising relations between paths and sequences of letters with symmetry and rigid motion. We will discuss some of these demonstrating tasks suitable for students in all grades K – 12.

Thank you to Dave Auckly, Professor of mathematics at Kansas State University, for the lively, informative and EXCELLENT session (Triangle Groups) on 10/5/2017. Dave is a wonderful facilitator who kept us very engaged and energized as he moved barefoot around the room! He was amaing!! Thank you also to the Olive Garden for generously donating our meal! We so appreciate your support!

Dave comparing triangles on polyhedron to triangles on the board

Jason working with mirror reflections

Dave demonstrating with Christy how to prove the number of degrees in the exterior angles of a triangle is 360 degrees (1)

Julie, Cheri, and Kevin drawing triangle reflections

Joy, Vanessa, and Karolyn with triangle reflections

Ashley, Kourtney, Pam, and Catherine reflecting triangles

Kimberly enjoys an animated Dave as he talks about triangle reflections while Kourtney views the reflections in her mirror

Candle reflections in a mirror room